Big Changes Ahead

 At some point in our lives we find the need to change. This change can come in many different shapes and sizes. The reasons for change may include:  for personal reasons, for someone else, because of a significant life event, to motivate others, to be an example, forced to and many others.

The word change can create a variety of emotions. Those emotions are what really impact whether change will occur. If we are forced to change, it can be difficult to accept. We may feel frustrated, angry, powerless, scared, fearful and other negative feelings. These feelings are often the result of having to be reactive to change.

On the flip side, when we have the choice to change, we my feel emotions such as excitement, energy, empowered, peaceful, happy and other positive feelings. These feelings are what often drive us to reach our goals and make real, sustainable change.

Although the word gets used most often, it is important to understand other words that can mean change. The reason being is that want to be able to identify when we are making progress towards our goal that include change.

Synonyms for change

  • adjustment
  • advance
  • development
  • difference
  • diversity
  • Innovation
  • modification
  • reversal
  • revision
  • revolution
  • shift
  • switch
  • transformation
  • transition
  • variation

When we hear or read “Change Ahead” more often than not the focus is referring to a physical change. It means someone is about to embark on making important changes in their life that will have positive and lasting impacts. When we know that someone is striving to achieve these types of goals, we should find ways to be supportive. These types of changes can often be the toughest and the easiest to give-up on which is why support is needed. 

I hope you will be proactive in supporting others who are willing and working towards making positive changes in their life. You never know if your support and encouragement might be exactly what they needed to keep them going.

Let Me Add Value To Your Values

The world we live in today seems to be getting more and more about the materialistic things in life. Who has the bigger house, number of vacation homes, most plastic surgery, craziest parties, most popular kids, most visible job, etc. We only need to turn on the TV to see that today’s shows, advertising and news have changed in a negative way and they have changed us as a society.

It is sad to see that so many  have truly lost touch of strong, sustainable and ethical values. It seems many have been willing to compromise their beliefs and values to gain position, more money and even a physical edge. With all that said, I ask this simple question, have you lost touch of your own values? What are the things that are influencing what you stand for and why you stand for them? Are you willing to hold tight to those values when the storms of adversity come crashing in?Add-Value

I may not have all the answers but my hope is that I might trigger something in you to want to bring your best values forward. As each individual, company, organization and culture does this, we can take back this great world we live in and find greater purpose, happiness and fulfillment. We will achieve exceptional results in all that we do as we focus on ensuring that our values are the foundation for all that we do.

Let me help you identify, develop and strengthen your values by being your personal Values Coach or for an organization, your Values Consultant.

Let me add value to your values.


Quotes-Do they really mean anything?

Often times we see people share quotes. It seems to be all the craze with Social Media right now and I am one who has made a regular part of communication and touch points with different audiences. So what do these quotes really mean? Well, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes and why I like them so much. Let’s get started:quotemarks


“The credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena, who strive valiantly; who know the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spend themselves in a worthy cause; who at the best, know the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if they fail, fail while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt

thinking questin markMy thoughts:

To me there is so much within these profound words of the great president Theodore Roosevelt. I guess one main reason I like this quote so much is that it can be applied in almost every situation. I know that having spent quite a bit of time in leadership roles professionally, religiously and in other areas of my life, this quote has always come to my mind. At the end of the day, the credit truly does need to go to those who are making great things happen every day. Whether you are a parent, teacher, leader, professor, whatever role you want to list, think about how this quote might change the way you see others. For parents, your teenagers are in a serious battle, every day, they are in the arena trying their hardest to do good, are you giving them the credit for their efforts or are you always looking for what’s wrong? Just something to think about. I know as a parent I can lose sight of just how blessed I am to have teenagers who strive every day to do good. This quote helps me remember that and do all I can to be there should the slip and fall.

Quote #2

“Life is about adding value to other people’s lives.” Lou Holtz

My thoughts:

I love these short but sweet quotes. There is a ton of meaning in these few words. I was actually attending an event where Coach Holtz was speaking and heard him share this and it pierced my heart. I can remember the feelings I had about how this had been my goal throughout my life but he stated it in such an effective way. I can honestly say that this quote was truly a turning point for me. It has helped me to push forward in trying to set myself up to truly add value to other people’s lives. So what do you think about his quote? It is important that this not be applied just to one’s professional life. Think about what your life is made up of, now how does this quote relate to you? The last thing that made such a profound impact on me was that these words of a college football player who truly believed and lives these words. He wanted to add value to the young men he coached. He walked the talk. I am trying every day to do the same.

So there are just two examples of how quotes can be used for more than just nice Tweets, Intsagram pics, Facebook Status, etc. I will share more of these in the future as I liked the exercise of reflecting upon these words.

Time to go add value.