Professional Publications:

  • University Outlook Magazine-December 2013

Articles Published:

As a freelance journalist I have had the opportunity to write on a number of topics which I love doing.

Steps to move forward from addiction

Keep Calm and Boost Productivity

4 Ways to make it through unemployment

Tips for moving your career forward

Continuing education outside the classroom

Understanding the Value of College Debt

3 helpful tips to sticking with a workout routine

Never work a day in your life

3 ways to increase your personal growth

Can your values withstand disparagement?

Does your teen know the value of values?

How to talk to your teenage son

Finding the best career path for you

5 ways to make new friends

How to be a better neighbor

Opportunities for community service abound

Why I give thanks

To Earn, you’d better learn

Integrity-not for sale

My Story: A hero among us

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