#Rippling: culture is more than skin deep

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MPACT Group, Inc.Recently, I was curious enough about Culture that I held a session with a large group of leaders to try to discern what they believe Culture Really is. I listened honestly to their perspective and it was interesting. Have you ever given this any thought within your own leadership philosophy & strategy?

You see, I believe this is an area that leaders should be very intentional about, daily. The challenge with any guidance that is written is that we must understand that whatever we do should be genuine and fit the personality of the leader. People in my world know that People and Culture come first with me in the workplace and so everything after that within the scope of culture is more natural for me.

In that recent session that I facilitated, I knew they would mention all of the surface level cultural stuff. I am speaking of things…

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21 Seeds of Trust – If you don’t sow it, you can’t grow it!

Leading with Trust

sowing-seeds1Building trust at work is much like growing plants in a garden; you have to sow the seeds. If you don’t sow it, you can’t grow it.

It doesn’t matter how rich the soil is in your garden, how much sunlight it receives, or how often you water, if you don’t sow the seeds, you won’t have any plants. In your relationships at work, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how much money you make, or how successful you are (by whatever standard you want to apply), if you don’t sow the seeds of trust then it won’t develop in your relationships.

If it sounds elementary, well, that’s because it is. Trust in relationships at work begins by demonstrating your trustworthiness. It’s that simple. To get you started, listed below are 21 seeds of trust. Sow these seeds of trust and you’ll reap a harvest of high-trust relationships at work.

  1. Constantly learn…

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Do You Have the Heart of a Leader?

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How We Lead

teach, inspire, motivate  - a collage of isolated words in vintaI’ve worked with thousands of leaders over the years and the most successful ones achieve results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of everyone involved. Many companies put pressure on leaders to reach or surpass goals at any cost. But wise companies realize that leaders who can achieve results by creating a motivating work environment are the leaders who will sustain future success.

What’s the secret behind this kind of leader? I think truly effective leadership begins on the inside—with your heart. Leading from your heart is about leadership character and intention, which form the backbone of servant leadership. As a leader, you must ask yourself why you lead. Is it to serve or to be served? Answering this question in a truthful way is so important. You can’t fake being a servant leader. I believe that if leaders don’t get the heart right, they simply…

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