Building Momentum

Momentum should never be underestimated.  When you can find ways to build momentum in a positive way, there is a feeling of empowerment that is so real you can touch it. You have the ability to make the intangible, tangible simply by generating positive momentum. This can happen in any aspect of your life, work, school, church, family, etc.

There are 3 key questions that I feel can help to build momentum:

1.   Do you care?

  • About yourself
  • About your goals
  • About your future
  • About what your legacy will be
  • About how you treat others
  • About how others treat you
  • About what makes you happy

2.   Why do you care?

  • You have goals you want to achieve
  • Others are looking to you as an example
  • You want to reach your full potential
  • You are following others who have set a good example
  • You can develop your strengths
  • You will establish better relationships
  • You will be respected
  • You will add value to your school, company, community, society

3.  How can you do more?

  • Take the lead more often
  • Become more humble to learn from others
  • Work harder in helping others reach their goals
  • Turn negative situations into positive learning opportunities
  • Be sure people know who you are
  • Find ways to serve others
  • Show love to those who love you

So what do those questions have to do with building momentum?

Momentum is not something that just happens. We must always be asking questions that will allow us to take action. It is only when we take action that momentum can start. When you truly care and know why you care you then almost instinctively want to do more. Doing is an action and to only way to build momentum is through our actions. There is a sense of pride that comes when you generate momentum that not only impacts you but others in a positive way.  We cannot sit back and allow the world to dedicate when or where or how momentum will impact ourlives, if we do, we will be very unsatisfied. When we are unsatisfied, we lose our energy and momentum and things can go negative quickly.

Building momentum is something that heroes do. The majority of the time it is a result of their actions that creates the true momentum. When we get the chills or that warm feeling in our heart when we see someone doing something great, it causes us to want to take action. That is momemtum. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we worked in harmony to build the type of momentum where every person felt they could succeed, guess what, we can. It starts with you and it starts with me. So together let’s start building momentum towards a brighter tomorrow. I can promise you that the youth of today are praying for our success, they want a better tomorrow.

Go out and be a hero!


Developing Inner Strength-Part 7

Don’t ask why but rather what.

Too often when we are faced with challenges or trials we ask why this happened to me or why now. These are natural responses but the truth is, to develop inner strength, you need to be able to ask the question what.

What can I learn from this experience?

What can I do to make it better?

What can I do for someone else?

What do I need to do get back on my feet?

These are not easy questions to answer when things are going good so asking them when you are being challenged or in the midst of trial is even more difficult. However, having the ability to ask and answer these types of questions will help you develop inner strength. One of the important things is that as you learn from these types of experiences you will be prepared for future situations that will come to your life. Another important item is that others will come to you when they encounter similar challenges and trials because they will see the inner strength you demonstrated and you will be prepared to help them.

Heroes learn how ask what and in doing so build great inner strength. When they do this, they can than influence so many others in a positive way. Through that influence, they will help others find their inner hero and the Ripple Effect becomes unstoppable.

Go be a hero TODAY!