We all have dealt with it at some point. We are rushing through spring because we are so excited for school to be over and summer to get started, then we wake up one morning at a time that is clearly past when the bus usually picked you up. You now realize that it is summer time and your life of going from class to class to performance to meeting to church to friends house to party to class to…..is over. You now have to take some initiative to figure out what the next couple of months are going to look like. Unfortunately too many spend way too much time trying to create some detailed and lavish plan. By the time they have lockdown all the things they want to do and accomplish, they wake up and are rushing to catch the bus again.

The truth is, planning is important and in fact, it is essential to be successful in today’s world. That said, over planning is a sure fire way to create failure. Now that summer is here, you have the opportunity to catch up on some of those goals you have been letting slip away. Maybe you have wanted to write a journal, well then, go buy a journal and start writing. Write down a summary of what your school year was like and what you are looking forward to doing over the summer. Then, be sure you summarize each week for the rest of the summer. You will soon get into a flow or pattern of writing in your journal. Heroes have journals; they have too, otherwise how are people years down the road going to know about them and the wonderful things they accomplished?

You will find that as you take time to write down your thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals you will soon discover that their motivations and things inside you that maybe you did not even know about. You will discover things that bring new energy to your life. There is something relaxing, therapeutic, exciting and rewarding about keeping a journal. You may never know who will read it in the future but one person that will is yourself. Years down the road you take a look back and realize so many things about who you were back then. It will guide you, teach you and may even surprise you. There is nothing better than learning from a hero, and you are a hero. Do not be selfish and keep all of your experiences to yourself, keep a record.

It is summer time, you have the opportunity to do something simple but will have a lasting impact on you and many others. Don’t wait, get started today.

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