When I say YOU MATTER, I mean it. No matter what your life is like right now, you matter. There is a popular trend going on right now on social media called “Put Your Finger Down.” Simply put you are supposed to put a finger down for each of the statements being said. So let’s go ahead and play this little game.

Put A Finger Down…

if you have felt overwhelmed by life in the past week

if you your room, house, apartment, car is not clean

if you have laundry that needs to be done

if a friend has hurt you in the past month

if you have lost a loved one in the past year

if you have felt alone in the past month

if you feel like your future is not so bright

if others have wrongly judged you

if you have not been kind to someone you love in the past week

if you have felt like giving up in the past year

Okay, I am not sure how many fingers you have down but I can tell you that I have most of mine down. Now, if I were to stop there, imagine how depressing and hopeless I would continue to feel. So let’s try turning this game upside down. Now I want you to put a finger up for each of the true statements below.

Put A Finger Up…

if you have told someone you love them in the past 24 hours

if you have received an act of kindness in the past month

if you have have done an act of kindness in the past week

if you have smiled for any reason in the past 24 hours

if you have shown gratitude towards a friend in the past month

if you have reconnected with someone from your past in the last 6 months

if you have felt like someone cares about you

if you have reached out to a friend or family member in need

if you have have laughed with friends in the past week

if you are still breathing

Now, again, I am not sure how many fingers you have up. I have all 10 up. What I personally noticed is that the feelings I have felt putting my fingers up completely outweigh how I felt after having my fingers down.

What is important to recognize here is that no matter how hard, challenging, tough and depressing life can be, the good will ALWAYS outweigh the bad. The most important way to ensure this is true is by understanding that YOU MATTER. You have the ability to determine how you feel and more importantly how you react to situations. This does not mean you hide or suppress your feelings but it does mean that you take the time to pause and try to see the good. What you feel matters, what you do matters, how you treat others matter. You may not always feel like you matter but let me state it one more time, YOU MATTER, to me.


One thought on “YOU MATTER

  1. You matter to me, too bro. I wish the eight months I was living in Utah we could had gotten together. It was, however, great seeing you at your home and at Swains. Maybe we could go skiing, or golfing together, someday. Merry Christmas to you, Amber and your sons-you have always mattered to me. Scott

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