“Seth was a highly professional, very engaged and extremely caring leader at South University. He had a tough job, getting the school off the ground in Va Beach but was outstanding in that role. Seth is multi-talented with a strong grasp on the needs in higher education but also in marketing, public relations and interpersonal relationships. I recommend him highly.”
Joel Rubin Joel Rubin, President at Rubin Communications Group

Testimonial-Joel R.

“Seth Saunders and I have had the pleasure of working together on several projects. I have always found Seth to be the consummate professional. He has a very positive can do attitude. There are no challenges to big that Seth is not willing to find a solution. A great presenter who has the ability to meet challenges head on and also to creatively find a solution. A great organizer and administrator!”

J.R. Locke

J.R. Locke, EdLogics-Vice President Community Development


“Seth is one of the most genuine human beings I know. He has a true passion for life and carries a positive energy with him everywhere he goes. I’m going to stop there because if I say any more, one of you LinkedIn people is going to try and recruit him away from me. He’s staying here with me at Gigg.”

Scott Warner

Scott Warner, CEO & Founder

Testimonial-Scott W.

“Not sure why I’m finding it difficult to write what should be such an easy recommendation for Seth; I guess it’s because there’s no easy place to start. I first came to know Seth when he was setting up the new campus for South University here in Virginia Beach, and was immediately impressed by not only his intelligence, but most importantly by his integrity, his approach with (and passion for) others, and his high energy. Since then, I’ve come to realize that he truly lives those qualities. Without doubt, Seth is one of the most “complete” leaders I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. He would excel in any situation, with any company, with any team or individual as a leader and/or coach.”

SCottScott Hall-Business Development Coordinator at Virginia Beach Economic Development

Testimonial-S. Hall

“Seth is an expert in his field, and as a guest speaker for my high school students enrolled in Business Management, he provided valuable information in an engaging and interactive manner. The students and I loved his personality, his enthusiasm, and his willingness to share.”

tamara Tamara Carter-Career and Technical Education Teacher, District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

Testimonial-T. Carter

“Seth has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in all he does. He is an excellent communicator, and a visionary leader. Seth knows how to build relationships and expand an organization’s scope. He is a solid leader, and would be an asset to any individual, team or organization looking for a proven and results focused coach.”

carlos Carlos Campos-President, Ashland University

Testimonial-C. Campos

“Seth Saunders has a passion for mentoring and developing minds while helping achieve personal success. Much of my professional growth is a result of his continuous challenge to achieve and improve myself. He brought a lot of strategic thinking and planning to the institution as he help build admissions to the next level. He instilled a sense of pride to the team.”
george arlantico George Arlantico, Director of Admissions, High Desert Medical College

Testimonial-G. Arlantico

“Seth is an amazing leader, visionary and support for both the corporate and outside consultants. He is filled with great ideas and always goes the extra mile. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure things keep moving forward. He has been the backbone for the company and continues to lead and drive the vision. I have enjoyed working with Seth and I look forward to learning more from this great mentor.”

raegan wilsonRaegan Wilson,  Chief Channel Officer at Channel Squared Consulting

Testimonial-R. Wilson