Favorite Quote-Courage to show your dreams

When is the last time you showed or shared your dreams with someone else? What was it about the dream or the person you had trust in that made you want to share? If you have not share your dreams or at least recently, why not? What is holding you back from sharing what it is you want most?

There is no question that sharing our dreams and goals with others takes courage. Sure it is easy to say to a friend, “I dream of winning the lottery” but if we areeq-best-quote-by-erma-bombeck-it-takes-a-lot-of-courage-to-show-your-d-1395402571gk84n being honest, this is an empty dream. See the truth is, just like goals, in order for dreams to become a reality it takes action. To just dream does not cost anything, we can all dream but only when we take the steps necessary will those dreams become real. And that is one of the main reasons that it takes courage to share our real dreams. Sharing real dreams with others means that we will need to take action. The act of taking action has two potential results; success or failure. As humans, we do not want or enjoy failure. The fear of failure can often paralyze us to the point of not having the courage to share our dreams with others.

When we have the courage to share our dreams with those we trust, we take the most important step in making our dreams become a reality. For some there may even be a feeling of relief when they share their dreams as they now can actually do something to make it happen. Courage has the potential to be one of the greatest attributes we can develop throughout our lives. See courage is the opposite of fear.

As you work towards replacing the fear of failure with the courage to succeed, amazing things can happen. In fact, our dreams can become our reality. Take the time to first identify what your real dreams are and then identify a couple of close people you feel will encourage, support and push you to achieve those dreams. Doing these two things can ignite within you the courage to share.

You deserve to see your dreams come to life. Have the courage to make it happen.

Big Changes Ahead

 At some point in our lives we find the need to change. This change can come in many different shapes and sizes. The reasons for change may include:  for personal reasons, for someone else, because of a significant life event, to motivate others, to be an example, forced to and many others.

The word change can create a variety of emotions. Those emotions are what really impact whether change will occur. If we are forced to change, it can be difficult to accept. We may feel frustrated, angry, powerless, scared, fearful and other negative feelings. These feelings are often the result of having to be reactive to change.

On the flip side, when we have the choice to change, we my feel emotions such as excitement, energy, empowered, peaceful, happy and other positive feelings. These feelings are what often drive us to reach our goals and make real, sustainable change.

Although the word gets used most often, it is important to understand other words that can mean change. The reason being is that want to be able to identify when we are making progress towards our goal that include change.

Synonyms for change

  • adjustment
  • advance
  • development
  • difference
  • diversity
  • Innovation
  • modification
  • reversal
  • revision
  • revolution
  • shift
  • switch
  • transformation
  • transition
  • variation

When we hear or read “Change Ahead” more often than not the focus is referring to a physical change. It means someone is about to embark on making important changes in their life that will have positive and lasting impacts. When we know that someone is striving to achieve these types of goals, we should find ways to be supportive. These types of changes can often be the toughest and the easiest to give-up on which is why support is needed. 

I hope you will be proactive in supporting others who are willing and working towards making positive changes in their life. You never know if your support and encouragement might be exactly what they needed to keep them going.